Why Spurs are the modern equivalent of Leeds, according to Gary Neville

Gary Neville described Tottenham as the "modern equivalent" of Leeds United's impressive team in the early 2000s.

Similar to Leeds in the early years of the new millennium, Spurs have played a celebrated football style and have had a number of highly skilled players in recent years.

How good was Leeds Utd in the early 2000s? Five things to know …

  • Between 1999 and 2002, Leeds landed in the top 5 of the Premier League each year.
  • Her best position during this period was third in the 1999/00 season.
  • In 2001/02 David O’Leary led the Yorkshiremen to the semi-finals of the Champions League.
  • But financial problems soon took their toll and Leeds eventually relegated to the third division.
  • You are about to return to the Premier League, but haven't won a big cup in 28 years.

Londoners almost won the Premier League and Champions League under Mauricio Pochettino, but the club's inactivity has caught up with them this season.

With Pochettino and now Jose Mourinho at the top, Tottenham has largely failed in all four competitions and is currently eighth in the Premier League table.

Similarly, under David O’Leary, Leeds pushed for success domestically and in Europe, but could not win cutlery until it fell out of favor – a decline that was far worse than Spurs' current situation.

During a Monday Night Football Retro broadcast on Sky Sports earlier this week, Neville made the comparison between the pages.

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"I think Tottenham is the modern equivalent of this Leeds team," said Neville.

"Tottenham didn't do what they should have done – maybe they should have won the league the year Leicester won them, and with a little luck they could have won a Champions League."

“This Tottenham team is now coming to an end or has ended. Teams like Leeds caught up with you, but never continued. Something was missing. Clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have built on winning trophies in the past. The club has the mentality to win trophies. Leeds tried to build this mentality at that time.

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"They always felt that Leeds was getting closer and closer – as if Tottenham was getting closer and closer. And then you think how do they come back? Leeds has always felt like a huge club. When asked what a big club is, I always think of Leeds United. The feeling when you play soccer there is incredible – it's different. "

Mourinho spoke of his intention to win silver at Spurs like any other club he led – but this season there will be no trophies in N17 again.

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