Football Manager 2020: How to get the best out of child prodigies

One of the most enticing opportunities for the football manager is to monitor a graduate’s graduation as a superstar. But it's not always that easy.

The "Wonderkid" label does not mean that your most promising youth product will automatically turn into one of the best players in the world – its talent must be encouraged.

And it's not just child prodigies who can develop into top players. In fact, unlabeled players can often reach the same level as a child prodigy with the right guidance.

But how exactly should you make sure you get the most out of your team's prodigies and other young players? Here are some useful tips.

Use the credit market

Loans are your best friend when it comes to giving young players first team experience. If you are a Premier League boss and you have a wonderful striker in your squad who is not yet ready to play top-notch football, you should consider the option of sending him to the championship for the season.

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho hugs promising striker Troy Parrott – would you borrow the teenager?

Put it on the rental list and use the "Offer to clubs" tool. You can decide how much of the player's wages the rental club should pay and how long the rental magic will last. Perhaps more importantly, however, you can choose your preferred playing time (star player, squad player, etc.) and the position where the player is to be used.

When the offers come in, be sure to choose the club that offers the most time and agrees with the player's preferred position. Another thing to consider is the quality of the team your player is loaned to. Click on the name of the club and navigate to Overview -> General. In the table you will find the media prediction of where the team will land.

If you have an offer from a relegation candidate for the championship and a hopeful promotion to League One, you may want to send attackers to the League One club (more likely to attack well) and defenders to the Championship Club (probably with more defenses) .

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Give the youngsters minutes

Some managers prefer to keep the youth perspectives in the club and in the first team. While this prevents them from gaining valuable experience elsewhere, it can be an advantage – but only if they have at least some contact with senior football.

Provided you are ready to skip an older player, you can assign one member of your development team one squad position per game. If you win comfortably in the middle of the second half, give him his first impression of Premier League football. He could even prove that he deserves a regular place in the matchday's squad.

As a Liverpool manager, you might consider giving Harvey Elliott a minute

As a Liverpool manager, you might consider giving 16-year-old Harvey Elliott minutes

Remember to plan ahead. A few days before each U23 and U18 game, you will receive a message asking you to select the first team players you want to make available for these youth games. At this point, place your youth perspective in the senior team so that it qualifies for the next game of the first team. If this is not done, it will not be available for this game because it will be selected for the youth game.

Alternatively, you can give your child prodigies more than just a bench seat! Set up your team on academy products and watch the praise if successful. If you make extensive use of young players you already own, you will also save a lot of money on the transfer market.

Stockpile Youth or “the Chelsea model”

The two tips above can be applied to Chelsea in real life. Londoners borrowed a ridiculous number of young players in the club's modern era. And this season, Frank Lampard has kept many of these graduates at the club with an exciting, youthful team on the lawn of Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea continues to go both ways that we discussed, and if you want to repeat the blues, you need a lot of good young players. In this respect, the controversial “stocking” approach that Chelsea has been accused of could be the best way.

If you hire a lot of players – and especially if most of them are young – the media will ask you about your camp tactics. Ignore the noise. Sign as many child prodigies as possible, as long as you don't violate financial fair play regulations.

The reason why stockpiling works is due to a simple fact: you can never have too many child prodigies. Borrow some, give others minutes, and sell those who are struggling for their profit potential, provided you have reached them cheaply enough.

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Ask the board for improvements

You have done everything to help your young players with the tools available. Now it's time to ask the board for additional help.

Navigate to the Club Vision page, where you'll find a drop-down menu labeled "Make a Board Request." Here you can improve your youth facilities, increase your junior coaching budget and improve the youth recruitment of the club.

Make sure you explore all of the options in this menu. However, it is highly unlikely that the board will approve all of your requests at the same time. Prioritize the one you think is most necessary. If you already have a number of prodigies, improve your youth facilities to ensure that they have the best chance of realizing their potential. If your club doesn't recruit enough prodigies, improve your youth recruitment to ensure that young players get through the ranks at a higher level.

Find a suitable partner club

Affiliate clubs are another great way to promote youth. If you have a partner club in the section below, you can send players to that club using the "Switch to partner" option. Here you can see the playing time your player is likely to get when he is on loan from your partner and decide whether you make the right decision.

There are other types of partners that may be even better for your long-term youth development strategy. When you request a new partner (Board Board Request -> Networking -> Affiliate Club), choose the conversation option that reads: "We should seek membership of a club that enables us to recruit young people from abroad." Or: "We should start a search for a new partner in order to secure the first options for the players of a club with good youth recruitment. & # 39;

Hopefully your board will find a partner club that has a large number of young people with high potential. If you've gained your board's trust after a few years in the job, you may even be able to choose from a list of options. Do your research and choose the option with the best story of making prodigies.

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