Graeme Souness unnecessarily plays up to Paul Pogba Meme with another very, very hot shot

Graeme Souness' opinions on Paul Pogba are one of the most discussed and joked things on the Internet.

Souness shies away from claiming that Pogba "treats football like a joke" just a few minutes after winning a match in which he scored twice, up to the statement that the midfielder who won the World Cup has no "football brain" don't take heat.

There may be no soccer ball for the ex-Liverpool star to give his "expert analysis" on, but for some bizarre reason Souness emerged from his cryosleep to stick a knife in Pogba's back.

"Pogba has absolutely everything to be a top player – great sportiness, great technique – but his attitude towards the game is the opposite of mine," said Souness (unfortunately), quoted by the Mirror.

"He goes out with one thought: & # 39; I'll show everyone how smart I am today and be the star of the show. & # 39;

Law. Let’s take a short break there.

Souness somehow has more to say, but let's take a moment to incorporate these two sentences.

Okay, that's better.

Should we continue?

Souness continued (very, very unfortunately): "My attitude, as I was taught, was: & # 39; go out and work harder than the guy you are against and see where that leads you. & # 39 ; It would be an absolute no-brainer. "

A no-brainer, he said. A fool!

We're still not quite sure why there is this strange feud between global superstar Pogba and Souness that hasn't played competitive football since * check notes * 1991 – the same year the first website was created – and even afterwards Souness withdrew.

But if anything, Pogba is probably just as happy to be called for the very fact that he breathes oxygen as for us.

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