Danny Rose Insists Tottenham ‘Means the World’ to Harry Kane Which Obviously Totally Confirms He’s Staying

Danny Rose may have made some Tottenham fans a little calmer about Harry Kane's future by insisting that Spurs "means the world to him."

The left-back, who signed a six-month loan contract with Newcastle in January, has been playing alongside the English captain at national and club level since 2009 when Kane was about to break into Spurs' first team.

Together, they shared a few ups and downs, some of which have prompted Kane to express his displeasure with his teammates without a doubt. Rose talked about Tottenham's incredible run to last season's Champions League final and discussed Kane's intervention at half-time in the semi-final second leg. At this point the club was 3-0 against Ajax.

"He was injured but came to Amsterdam and we lost 0-2 at half-time, 0-3 overall, and he watched in the stands," Rose told Metro.

"He came down and just tricked us. He just told us we weren't good enough and a certain player [Frenkie De Jong] directed the show for Ajax. What should we do about it? We had to." pull our fingers out.

"He changed a few times, Harry. You wouldn't think it, but if he left, he would lose it, but in a good way. He wants you to do better. He wants the best for himself, but also for his teammates. "

His passion and commitment to the club know no bounds. Some fans believe that Kane could stay in the club. The thing is, he'll want to win a trophy. Despite Rose's comments about his love for Spurs, Thierry Henry was probably doing the same with Arsenal before going to Barcelona.

But Rose says that. Surely it is a gospel and confirms that Kane will be in North London forever, right? Well, maybe not. But it's nice to know how much he cares.

"With Harry, we all hope that his goals and accomplishments deserve a trophy in one way or another throughout his career, but Tottenham means the world to him," he added. "We know that, and when you see him disappointed, it's just one of those things that you win when you're training in Harry's team. It's not a coincidence.

"You just don't want to be on the losing side when you're on Harry's side, not even in training. He has the aura of wanting to do the best you can."

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