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Bigger Benches, Fewer Neutral Games Than Expected, In-Game Interviews & More

Premier League Match Ball sprayed with disinfectant Visionhaus / Getty Images

The return of the Premier League season is getting closer after the competition has been interrupted since March due to the coronavirus crisis.

However, more needs to be confirmed and completed before games can be played.

Here you can see the latest news about Project Restart …

FBL-ENG-PR-LIVERPOOL-ARSENALLiverpool v Arsenal in Anfield | AFP contributor / Getty Images

Only four Premier League games could be played in neutral locations if the games return after the corona virus was forced to suspend, the Daily Mail writes.

This could include Liverpool winning its first title in 30 years at Anfield and not in a neutral place. The newspaper explains that Premier League official Bill Bush has written to the clubs given the possibility of six major games being relocated to neutral locations.

Bush is said to have noticed that the Merseyside police have replied that they feel they can adequately manage the games on their watch. Police in Greater Manchester and Northumbria will continue to investigate the situation, but the mail claims GMP expects two of the three games in Manchester to be held at neutral venues to take place as usual.

Games that still cause concern are Manchester City v Liverpool and Newcastle v Liverpool.

Nuno Espirito Santo, Laura WoodsNuno Espirito Santo in an interview with Sky Sports | Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty Images

The next meeting of the Premier League clubs is expected to include discussions about the possibility of better access for broadcasters to conduct interviews with managers and in-game coaches.

Broadcasters are looking for ways to make returning football to empty stadiums more attractive to fans at home, and the Daily Express writes that in-game interviews during breaks are one of the many suggestions from broadcasters like Sky Sports and BT Sport, Amazon and BBC.

Half-time tunnel interviews and cameras in the locker room are also included, although managers' microphones are an idea that clubs have already rejected.

Chelsea replaced during a Premier League gameChelsea replaced during a Premier League game Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea has submitted a formal proposal to the Premier League that, if accepted, would increase the number of players substituted from seven to nine.

The logic behind the application is that managers have more choice and flexibility when it comes to injury concerns due to the overloaded schedule.

The Premier League still has to take into account the temporary changes that IFAB adopted last month and which allow five substitutes to be deployed per team per game. These temporary rule changes are at the discretion of each contest, although the mail states that this will be taken into account.


Some reports of the Premier League's efforts to ensure the safety of players and staff when returning to training have found an unsavory level of immaturity.

Last month, The Sun and Daily Mail referred inspectors to ensure that health and safety policies as "snoopers" and "spies" were followed. Now the mail has made fun of the so-called "Snoop Squad" by claiming that a request for routine cleaning of the floor gates is "bizarre".

Because it is ridiculous, silly, and pointless to do anything to ensure everyone's safety in football clubs and limit the risk of spreading a deadly virus that killed nearly 40,000 people in just a few months in Britain alone.

Raul JimenezTottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers – Premier League | James Baylis – AMA / Getty Images

Until the resumption of the 2019/20 season on June 17, the Premier League clubs had not played any games in just over three months. There will be a significant element of rust and cobwebs that could be an argument for playing warm-up games, similar to pre-season friendly games.

Wolves have a lot to gain if they look for a European place next season. West Midlands Express & Star newspaper writes that the club is considering the possibility of playing at least one warm-up match against another team.

A number of other clubs could take a similar path, with Brighton open to it and promoted West Brom ready to play two friendly games before the championship returns on June 20.

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