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Richard Keys backtracks after bizarre comments on £300m takeover of Newcastle United | NUFC Blog

A few weeks ago, Richard Keys showed his true face in response to a possible Saudi Arabia takeover at Newcastle United, saying, "I wish it was a different club than her."

He would drop his guard, but he's now trying to clear up these little comments, suggesting that we NUFC fans "misunderstood" the message … yes, right.

That's what the Bein Sports presenter just said in his new Keys & Gray podcast:

"I like Newcastle … I love Newcastle as a football club. They do not like me. And they don't like me because they misunderstood the message I was carrying. "

“What I said recently in the Gray Lounge at BeIN Sports: 'I wish it was a different club (other than Newcastle, which is being taken over)'. I didn't say this because I was trying to channel Saudi money to another club, but (I said) so that I can be as critical as I would expect the prospect of Saudis to own Newcastle. "

"But it was another club I was talking about, Charlton, Rotherham, anyone!"

Does that make sense to anyone at all? If Keys likes Newcastle, he has a fun way to show it and tell it. What he certainly seems to like is talking about Newcastle and trying to involve his gray buddy.

He has no reason not to like Newcastle, and in fact should campaign for so-called neutrality in the cause of the clubs that are chasing the big pack, as this would earn him more favor and respect.

But honestly, it seems like he lives where he does, the sun keeps going into his head and he keeps making absurd statements that just don't make sense. It could even be argued that by writing this piece, I and this blog are promoting him more than he deserves.

The problem, however, is that if someone, whoever that is and whatever we think of him, has something to say about our club, we are required to report it. Even if it makes little sense or carries a lot of conviction.

There is also a theory in this. Considering where Keys is located and sending from you, you could be fooled into knowing someone, or at least knowing someone who knows someone. I would expect him to know more about the situation than the one in this country.

But given the bizarre nature of practically everything he says, he appears to be as clueless as ever and confused himself as much as he confuses us!

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