Three of them remained in the “dirty war” of the Barcelona presidency after Russo withdrew

Joan Laporta is the favorite to return to a second term as president of Barcelona, ​​with only three candidates keeping their election hopes alive.

Three candidates are running for the presidency of Barcelona after Emily Russo withdraws from the electoral process.

Rosso announced on Thursday that he was no longer in the frame to replace Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned in October.

Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Tony Frixa are the three candidates running for the presidency.

9,625 signatures were validated in Laporta, while there were 4,431 and 2,634 signatures for Font and Freixa, respectively, in the election validation process to be held on Sunday 24 January.

Jordi Var, Xavier Villaguana, Agusti Bendetto, Luis Fernandez Alla and Pierre Riera were previously removed from the race after they were found unable to meet the 2,257 signature threshold.

Rousseau has stated that he no longer wants to participate in a “dirty war” for the right to succeed Bartomeu.

Brand He was quoted as saying, “It was a great day surprising because, to my surprise, the decision of the majority was not to agree to join another candidacy, because we do not tolerate the dirty war and prefer to stay out.”

“Our sports and economic offers were the best.”

Laporta is considered the favorite to return to the position, as he previously held the presidency during the golden age of Barcelona, ​​which won four titles in the Spanish League and two titles in the Champions League.

The candidate also revealed to GoalHe has two priorities for a second presidency: expanding the Camp Nou, and making sure Lionel Messi is there to see him.

“I hope we can celebrate the 125th anniversary at the new Camp Nou and with Leo with us. The issue of the stadium is not easy because it takes two years to build.”

“Leo’s case is easier than the stadium. It would be great if we attended this anniversary with Messi, it would be a good final fireworks.”

When asked why he was the best man to convince Messi to stay in Barcelona’s books, Laporta replied: “Because I am telling the truth, I am the most experienced and determined person, as well as the most credible in his eyes. I proudly tell me that everything I have said to him has been accomplished.

“It gives me a position, and if I’m president of Barcelona, ​​which is one of the reasons, I will see what I can offer him within the club’s financial capabilities and what matters to Leo from a sports perspective.

“He wants to win the Champions League again with Barcelona and we have to make him see that this will be possible.”


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